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On 24 Jan 2020 (Burn's Party) we danced

1. Welcome to the Dance J32 2RR Vandegrift: Let’s All Dnc 1
2. The Dashing White Sergeant R32 3+3RR RSCDS III
3. Pelorus Jack J32 3/4L Skelton: RSCDS XLI
4. Gay Gordons X16 1RR Collins SCD
5. Easy Peasy R32 2/4L Allsop&Blair;: RSCDS Graded 2
6. Postie’s Jig J32 4/4L Clowes: RSCDS 30 popular, Vol 2
7. Snowball Reel R40 4/4L (unknown)
8. The Waratah Weaver J32 4/4L See: RSCDS Graded 2
9. Mairi’s Wedding R40 3/4L Cosh: 22 SCD

On Sunday 1 Dec 2019 we danced (in anticipation of the Ball)

1. The Lochalsh Reel R40 3/4L Burnett: Skye 2
2. Midnight Oil J48 5/5L Drewry: Bankhead 3
3. Wells House S32 3/4L Goldring: Wells House
4. Macleod’s Fancy J32 4/4L Drewry: RSCDS XXXIII
5. Nottingham Lace R96 4S Bradley: Nottingham Lace
6. Hillcrest’s Ruby Gem S32 4S Skinner
7. Bouncing Braids R32 3/4L Mortimer: Ardbrae 50 Years
8. The Wee Cooper O’ Fife J40 2/4L Foss: Song Tunes
9. The Recumbent Stone R48 5/5L Drewry: 20 New Dances by John Drewry 1999-2000
10. The Garry Strathspey S32 4/4L Cosh: 22 SCD
11. J. B. Milne R32 3/4L Foss: RSCDS 30 popular, Vol 2
12. Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder J128 4S Hamilton: RSCDS 30 popular, Vol 2
13. The Zoologist J32 3/4L Brown: RSCDS XLVI
14. Ramadan-ce R32 3/4L Drewry: Turkish
15. Shiftin’ Bobbins R32 3/4L Clowes: RSCDS 30 popular, Vol 2

Anticipating the 2019 Ball

This year’s ball is being organized by the Abingdon SCDC on Saturday 7th December.

Full details are available on the AbingdonSCDC web site.

We will be holding an ‘anticipation’ dance the previous Sunday – 1st December, 2pm to 5pm – at:

Wootton & Dry Sandford Community Centre
Lamborough Hill, Wootton OX13 6DA
Tickets £5.00, pay on the door

Dances will be chosen from the Ball programme (below).

For this anticipation afternoon we will walk through and then dance those not ‘struck through’ below. The choice may change on the day! We can’t guarantee what order they will be danced in either!

You can anticipate the dances being walked through and then danced to recordings.

  1. Mrs Stewart’s Jig                   
  2. The Lochalsh Reel          
  3. The Garry Strathspey
  4. Midnight Oil
  5. Bouncing Braids
  6. Wells House
  7. Macleod’s Fancy
  8. Nottingham Lace
  9. Bruce’s Men
  10. The Zoologist
  11. Ramadan-ce
  12. The Sailor
  13. The Raven’s Dance
  14. Hillcrest’s Ruby Gem
  15. Shiftin’ Bobbins
  16. The Wee Cooper O’ Fife
  17. Midsummer Common
  18. The Recumbent Stone
  19. Jennifer’s Jig
  20. City of Belfast
  21. J. B. Milne
  22. Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder