Club Dances

The Harwell-10 and 30

The club has adopted two ‘core’ sets of dances, the Harwell-10 and the Harwell-30.
They can be viewed on the Strathspey Server: Harwell-10Harwell-30.

Dances written by Society Members

Over the years, a number of dances have been written by members.

Here’s one of them dating back to the 1970s:

Hoop Eht Einniw – a 66 bar Strathspey (11kb PDF)

In 1998, to celebrate our 50th anniversary, we published a booklet of 8 dances.

Here are the 8 dances as a single PDF file (8 A5 pages)
and a cover sheet if you want to make a booklet.

Alternatively, here are the 8 dances as single A5 pages:
Harwell Caledonian Society
The Shieling
Tea Time
Rimes Close
The Hole in One
The Half-Century
Harlequin – watch this being danced on YouTube by the Lochaber Dancers