Monthly Archives: December 2018

On 18 Dec 2018 we danced

(Christmas Party night)

1. Hooper’s Jig J32 3/4L MMM
2. Shiftin’ Bobbins R32 3/4L Clowes: Ormskirk Mem.
3. The Silver Tassie S32 3/4L Drewry: RSCDS Leaflets
4. The Falls of Rogie R32 3/4L Attwood: Alexander 1
5. Tap the Barrel R32 3/3L Burridge: RSCDS Graded 3
6. The Wild Geese J32 3/4L RSCDS XXIV
7. MacDonald of the Isles S32 3/3L Haynes: Carnforth 2
8. General Stuart’s Reel R32 3/4L Castle Menzies (18C): RSCDS X
9. Bratach Bana R32 3/4L Drewry: Bon Accord
10. The Irish Rover R32 3/4L Cosh: 22 SCD

On 11 Dec 2018 we danced

1. Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan R32 5/5L Goldring 2000
2. The Wee Cooper O’ Fife J40 2/4L Foss: Song Tunes
3. The Duchess Tree S32 3/4L Drewry: Summer 4
4. The Zoologist J32 3/4L Brown: RSCDS XLVI
5. Crossing the Line R32 3/3L Drewry: Bankhead 6
6. Maxwell’s Rant R32 3/4L Rutherford: RSCDS XVIII
7. The World Turned Upside Down R32 6/6L Boyd: Island Bay 2
8. Neidpath Castle S32 3/3L Haynes: RSCDS XXII
9. Jennifer’s Jig J32 3/4L Drewry: Bon Accord
10. A Trip to Bavaria R32 4/4L MacGregor-Brown: Collins SCD