At our Tea Dance on Wed 18 Oct 2023 we danced

1. A Trip to Edinburgh R32 4S Nolan: Edinburgh 90
2. Sandy's Scotch Broth (as a medley) 3xS32+3xR32 3/3L Sibley: Katannuta
3. The Water of Leith S32 4/4L Wilkinson: RSCDS LIII
4. Polharrow Burn R32 5/5L Foss: Magazine
5. The Orchards of Co. Armagh S32 3/3L Anderson: RSCDS LIII
6. Clutha R48 4S RSCDS XXXI
7. Five-Couple MacDonald of the Isles (Big Mac) S32 5/5L Rigby: Nine
8. The Zoologist J32 3/4L Brown: RSCDS XLVI