At our tea dance on Wed 18 Apr 2023 we danced

1. Rest And Be Thankful R32 3/4L McConachie: Grampian
2. The Water of Leith S32 4/4L Wilkinson: Edinburgh 90
3. The Craven Reel R32 3/4L Haynes: Carnforth 5
4. Les Remparts de Séville J32 3/4L Latour: RSCDS L
5. The Glengarry Homestead S32 4/4L Brenchley: Kangaroo Paw
6. Orpington Caledonians R32 3/4L Brenchley: RSCDS XLIX
7. Sands of Morar S32 3/4L Priddey: RSCDS XLV
8. Eileen Watt's Reel R32 3/3L Wilkinson: Magazine
9. The Celebration Strathspey S32 3/4L Macpherson: RSCDS XLIII