On 11 Jan 2022 we danced

1. New Year Jig J32 3/4L Robson: RSCDS LI
2. General Stuart's Reel R32 3/4L Castle Menzies (18C): RSCDS X
3. A Guid New Year S32 3/3L M&D; Keppie: 15th Anniv. (Haliburton)
4. January Jig J32 3/4L Weynberg: Leicester 25
5. Catch the Wind R32 3/4L Butterfield: RSCDS XLV
6. Far North Queensland S32 5/5L Brenchley: Other Kangaroo Paw
7. Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan R32 5/5L Goldring: RSCDS 30 popular, Vol 2