On 7 May 2019 we danced

1.Pelorus JackJ323/4LSkelton: RSCDS XLI
2.Copycat Suite – PreludeJ323/4LDrewry: Welsh Set
3.Albatrosses and ShearwatersS323/3LVeranth: Feathered Friends
4.Tak TentR325/5LDickson: Dunedin 5
5.MelroseS323/4LHolden: 3 SCD
6.Fisherman’s ReelR325SPetyt &c.;: Dunblane Holiday
7.The Roselath CrossJ323/4LVosper: RSCDS XLI
8.The Tattie BogleJ324/4LGraham: Portland: 10
9.The Orchards of Co. ArmaghS323/3LAnderson: Belfast Branch Platinum Anniversary Dances
10.Braw Sir JohnR323/4LRSCDS XXIX
11.The Black Mountain ReelR325/5LHaynes: Carnforth 3

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