On 30 Apr 2019 we danced

1.The SailorR323/4LRSCDS XXIV
2.Cadgers in the CanongateR483/4LWalsh (18C): RSCDS IX
3.Cherrybank GardensS323/3LDrewry: Bankhead 1
4.The Ruby RantR323/4LWalduck: RSCDS XLIX
5.Miss Johnstone of ArdrossanR325/5LGoldring 2000
6.Muirland WillieJ323/4LRSCDS XXI
7.City of BelfastS323/3LMulholland: RSCDS XLVIII
8.Pelorus JackJ323/4LSkelton: RSCDS XLI
9.MacDonald of the IslesS323/3LHaynes: Carnforth 2
10.The Wild GeeseJ323/4LRSCDS XXIV

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