On 19 Jul 2023 (a Tea Dance with Ian Muir playing) we danced

1. Ecclefechan Feline J32 3/4L McMurtry: Petit Chat
2. Orpington Caledonians R32 3/4L Brenchley: RSCDS XLIX
3. The Cannadine Strathspey S32 4/4L Holden: Birmingham Diamond 2006
4. Kamo Karousel J32 3/4L West: Whangarei Book
5. The Bees They are A'Drummin' R32 3/4L Peart: TSC Book 2
6. Dagmar's Fancy S32 3/3L Lingnau: Mainhattan
7. The Scallywag J40 3/4L Kelly: RSCDS LII
8. The Rutland Reel R40 3/4L Senior: RSCDS XLVIII
9. The Orchards of Co. Armagh S32 3/3L Anderson: RSCDS LIII
10. Torridon Lassies J40 3/4L Brenchley: RSCDS 30 popular, Vol 2