At our Tea Dance on Wed 17 May 2023 we danced

1. Holden My Own J32 3/4L Stephens: Between the Rivers
2. Mrs Stuart Linnell R40 3/4L Bayly: Imp 1-3
3. Miss Eleanor S32 3/3L Dix: RSCDS XLIX
4. The Hunting Horn J32 3/4L McBryde: SDA
5. The Water of Leith S32 4/4L Wilkinson: Edinburgh 90
6. The Courtship R40 3/4L Peart: TSC Book 2
7. Far North Queensland S32 5/5L Brenchley: Other Kangaroo Paw
8. Five Penny Ness J32 5/5L Attwood: Braes o’ Lochaber