On 31 May 2022 we danced

1. Joie de Vivre J32 3/4L Maarseveen: RSCDS XXXIX
2. The Champagne Reel (3/4) R32 3/4L Tucker: Oxford
3. The Winding Road S32 4/4L Cosh: 22 SCD
4. A Trip to Bavaria R32 4/4L MacGregor-Brown: Collins SCD
5. Happy Returns R32 3/4L MMM
6. The Irish Rover R32 3/4L Cosh: 22 SCD
7. The Platinum Strathspey S32 3/3L Fairgrieve: West Lothian 70th
8. The Jubilee Jig J32 3/4L RSCDS Leaflets

We also tackled another of our Book 53 Trial dances.