On 10 May 2022 we danced

1. Crossing the Line R32 3/3L Drewry: Bankhead 6
2. Foxhill Court S32 3/4L Drewry: Canadian
3. The Silver Penny Farthing R32 3/3L Bradley: Ness House 2
4. The Black Mountain Reel R32 5/5L Haynes: RSCDS 30 popular, Vol 2
5. Napier's Index J40 3/4L Charlton: RSCDS XLV
6. Saint Columba's Strathspey S32 5/5L Sproule&Gillan;: Leaflet
7. Tap the Barrel R32 3/3L Burridge: RSCDS Graded 3

We also tried out one of our Book 53 trial dances.