On 21 Jan 2020 we danced

1. Ecclefechan Feline J32 3/4L McMurtry: Petit Chat
2. The Captain’s House R32 3/4L Boyd: RSCDS Graded 3
3. The Glens Of Antrim S32 3/4L Smith: Belfast 40th
4. Ray Milbourne R32 4/4L Haynes: Carnforth 1
5. The Grumpy Gentleman J32 3/4L Jennings: Birmingham Diamond 2006
6. The Braes of Breadalbane S32 3/4L Skillern: RSCDS XXI
7. The Reel of the Royal Scots R32 3/4L Goldring: RSCDS Leaflets
8. Triple Happiness S32 3/3L Oyama: RSCDS LII
9. Catch the Wind R32 3/4L Butterfield: RSCDS XLV