On 10 Sep 2019 we danced

1. The Recumbent Stone R48 5/5L Drewry: Greenburn 3
2. Jennifer’s Jig J32 3/4L Drewry: Bon Accord
3. Bruce’s Men S32 3/3L Goldring: RSCDS Scotia
4. Caddam Wood R32 5/5L Mitchell: Whetherly Sheets
5. Never at Sea R48 6/6L Haddow: Pillings 9
6. Macleod’s Fancy J32 4/4L Drewry: RSCDS XXXIII
7. The Zoologist J32 3/4L Brown: RSCDS XLVI
8. Bouncing Braids R32 3/4L Mortimer: Ardbrae 50 Years
9. Far North Queensland S32 5/5L Brenchley: Other Kangaroo Paw